How FooDriver works?

Downloading The App

The user will download FooDriver on IOS or Android and will recieve notifications about new offers and promotions. The client also has the possibility to purchase products online and choose the convenient delivery time.



The store will publish its promotions in the app. The more promotions you have the more motivation the clients will have to consume your products. This also cuts company’s cost on printing pamphlets.


Sales Network

Selling through the app gives you the possibility to process more orders, create the right logistics in your sales network, which leads to profit increase.



FooDriver has a big range of functions: -an app for goods assembler during the day. -the possibility to connect to any delivery systems -the ability to control if the order was completed


Why is it Profitable to be a Member?

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The app collects the target audience demographic.

Possibility to create a single trading network.

Possibility to reflect all stores on our interactive map.

App will be able to communicate on customers language.

The app is international project which helps to get lots of tourists as customers.

Very fast data processing(at the moment 30.000 clicks per second).

Order statistics and calculation of the amount of saved money.

Flexible usage of the app.Low cost.

Inovation of The Product


FooDriver sends the customer’s push notifications and can change their routes.
GeoPush — innovative mechanism, the attraction of the customers that are working in nearby buildings or just passing by.

Personalized Targeting

FooDriver knows gender, age, user preferences and the exact areas where the user is shopping.
The store can invite a certain segment of the users for a promotion or the opening of a new store. 

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Motivating Pushes

Before weekends and holidays the app will send users a push notification about upcoming promotions and events.
There is a news feed option. Store can submit all its news about promotions and events to the news feed of the app.