Delivery Man Benefits

    Everyone can get the opportunity to earn additional or main income without depending on centralized systems for issuing orders. There is no need to be a professional in this area, the main things you’ll need is to be accurate, punctual and the FooDriver application on your smartphone.

    FooDriver smart contract guarantees 100% payment for your work.

    A delivery man has the opportunity to profit from trading the token on the cryptocurrency exchange.

    All payments are made automatically in the application, there is no need to carry cash or a card terminal. The risks of robbery are excluded.

    An order that is already approved by the buyer will not put you in front of a dilemma of a choice or replacement, which completely eliminates misunderstanding on the part of the buyer.

    The pay out to the delivery man consists of two components. Delivery cost (depends on distance and time, calculated by the system algorithm) + 1% of the cost of the delivered order.

    A delivery man can instantly exchange FooDriver tokens to the currency of their country.

    FooDriver tokens can be used to pay at any restaurant/shop in the world that is a partner with FooDriver.