Dear Investors

FooDriver is the first food delivery dApp to be governed by a SmartContract. The experts are convinced that this dApp is absolutely capable to take a big share of the market over the next 5 years. The opportunity is enormous and we can foresee the possibility of $350 - $400m of annual revenues in 2 years, built on the back of a 10-15% fee that will be charged by FooDriver to the businesses. In the last 4 years the food delivery market is rapidly growing (400-500% per year). FooDriver dApp has lots of advantages that regular delivery Apps don't have which makes it very competitive for the market. 
Our Pre-Seed Round was funded by ourselves, the conceptors and developers.In this “Seed” round of $6m for 15% post-money we hope to be raising the last dilutive round before moving into strong profitability that will accrue to the benefit of all participants. Jump on board with us before the closing of "Seed" round on September 15th! 
For any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.