Customer Benefits

    FooDriver speaks your language

    Convenient authorization system by phone number or through social networks

    Flexible personal account settings.

    View the list of stores and restaurants on a virtual map of the city.

    There is a built-in calculation system in your personal account that will show your savings and benefits.

    FooDriver tokens can be used to pay at any restaurant/shop in the world that is a partner with FooDriver, this is extremely convenient for the tourists and business people that are traveling often.

    An independent feedback system that will allow the user to always receive reliable information about a restaurant or a store. 

    Automatic detection of the user's location.

    It is possible to choose the exact time of delivery to a specific address for any order.

    Using the application while visiting cafes, bars and restaurants to receive instant gifts.

    The ability to reserve a table at your favorite place for the required date and time. FooDriver will automatically send you a reminder of the upcoming event.

    The consumer can instantly exchange FooDriver tokens to the currency of his/her country.

    Convenient checkout in the shopping cart.

    Order delivery of food, goods or services.

Example of FooDriver benefit

A consumer orders food delivery from restaurant X, using application tokens.
When the restaurant confirms the order, the smart contract automatically blocks the required number of FooDriver tokens and assigns the most optimal delivery option for the order.
Upon receiving the order, the consumer must confirm by simply pressing a button in the application that the order has been delivered and meets the criteria specified in the application. If the order does not correspond to the declared quality and/or quantity, the consumer has the right to refuse to accept this order and receive an immediate refund with compensation for wasted time